BBC Learning

E-learning UX/UI

The BBC Working With Children online course is designed to help safeguard and protect any children that come into contact with BBC staff, whether the child is an audience member, guest or contributor.

The challenge was to approach a serious topic in a light humoured, memorable way, that’s both immersive and engaging. The goal is for BBC staff to easily recall information from the course and then apply it their day to day jobs.

Design & UI Theory

  • Isometric illustration for a three-dimensional perspective on a flat surface
  • Using the BBC colour palettes and branding to illustrate related sections
  • Paper texture gives a physical pamphlet feel and lets clickable areas stand out against background
  • Black stroke to give definition to lighter coloured elements and give more of an inked in feeling
  • Path winding throughout course guides the Learner through the sequence of modules
  • ‘Completed’ modules buttons are animated, to create a festival buzz and reinforce a feeling of success and progress

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