Virgin Media Player

Branding & Digital

Project Details

In June 2019 I was tasked with refreshing the branding of Ireland’s Virgin Media Television on-demand service, ‘Player’. Namely, to impart more of a personality and identity to the branding and also to combine advertising shows with the player in a single advert.

Player shows all of Virgin Media Ireland’s content from news, live sport, high profile drama to reality tv, so the design had to be adaptable enough to work across different genres, whilst showcasing each show in a clear and distinctive way.

It was key to ensure the feeling and excitement of each show was captured in one single image.


Colour & Gradient

The purple gradient pushes the eye towards the key aspects of the design and lets the red logo stand out. The gentle gradient also adds depth to the design.

Inner Shadow

The inner shadow of the Player Loop creates depth and helps set the gradient and image apart from each other.

Cut-out Image

The cut-out creates focus on the subject and allows the overall emotion and distinctiveness of the image - and therefore the show - to come through.

Player Loop

The energetic, eye grabbing shape of the player loop draws attention, while the shape subtly reinforces the Player service.

Design Placement

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