“Plutus calls on the world’s bug hunters and code crackers to win crypto jackpot.”

The animation was to accompany a press release, announcing a bounty programme that gave hackers and tech enthusiasts rewards for finding bugs in the company’s platform.

Design Theory

Plutus - taking their name from the Greek god of wealth - are a crypto based fin-tech company. I decided to play on the ‘Greek god theme’ and include the Plutus logo within a smartphone being struck by Zeus’s lightning bolts, a metaphor for the participants testing the app’s security. The animation is consistent with company branding by using the stroked logo style, colour palette and including the ‘Pluton’ coins to illustrate the ‘prize’.

Greek illustration style - Before illustrating, I researched Greek art style, taking design inspiration from ancient pottery.
Lightning - I researched animated gifs of lightning and analysed these frame by frame, to illustrate realistic lightning strikes.

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