Ireland's Got Talent

Event Branding & Signage

The Irish edition of the international Got Talent franchise

I was tasked with designing the event branding for the live semi-finals and final held at The Helix in Dublin. I had to create design solutions to dress the physical environment and reinforce the show branding, that were both impactful and within budget. This led to an approach using both print and digital, including large scale drop banners, posters, glass and wall vinyls, general signage, event wristbands, e-invites and digital screens.


The previous series of Ireland's Got Talent took the blue and silver from the original UK and US series, but excluded the red colouring. I decided to re-incorporate the red to work with the existing interior of the Helix and the sponsor branding (Domino's Pizza). Not only did this mean all the visual elements complemented each other, but the red ‘vibe’ gave off a classy, awards ceremony feel, befitting the Semi-Final and Final events. This decision to utilise the venue colouring also helped to reduce printing costs associated with covering the red interior.

Golden Buzzer Louge

The ‘Golden Buzzer’ (an element of the show) required additional branding for the VIP lounge. Using a gold texture to enhance the visual of the signage also complimented the overall red theme. In keeping with the 'Virgin Media' personality, I added popular lyrics that also fit with the directional signage.

Posters, Banners & Vinyls

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